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Acavallo Cream Gel pad with white or Cream fleece

The therapeutic shock absorption of our shaped gel pad with added security of the non-slip proper..


Acavallo Dri-Lex Gel White Lambskin Half Pad

These highly shock absobent therapeutic gels are made to non-toxic medical standards sui..


Acavallo Gel Front Riser Pad

Gel Pads adapt to the shape of the withers and the saddle, with an elastic all way stretch...


Acavallo Gel Pad & Front Riser

• Acavallo Gel Pad & Front Riser is a shaped and moulded gel pad with a riser built in to the fr..


Acavallo Gel Pad & Mid Riser

Acavallo Gel Pad & Mid Riser is an anatomically moulded gel pad that helps support the saddle on..


Acavallo Gel Rear Riser Pad

Wedge shaped anti-slip pad that is shock absorbing and lightweight...


Acavallo Twin Sided Pad

Acavallo Twin Sided Pad is a unique double sided gel pad delivering the benefit of Acavallo's shock ..