Sommer Esprit Dressage

Timeless and universal, this dressage saddle gives the elegant look with the classic double flap. The Esprit offers a narrower twist, deeper seat with a slightly more forward balance giving the riders hips and pelvis the support needed to allow for effortless correct position.

  • Deep seat with a slightly forward balance giving the support needed for the proper shoulder, hip, heel position.
  • Extra extended stirrup bars to allow your leg to naturally fall in to the right position with your heel under your hip.
  • A narrow twist that give the rider comfort while allowing the leg the correct alignment needed.
  • Set or Adjustable thigh blocks available so the rider can choose the proper support needed.
  • The ultimate in seat comfort – cut out in both pubic and seat bone areas to eliminate all pressure.
  • ½ panels for optimal clearance of the scapula and large shoulder muscles.

Fully Adjustable:
All Sommer saddles are fully adjustable through the tree of the saddle to ensure the tree angle matches the horse’s shoulder angle. Designed in combination of wool flocked panels for custom flocking to the horse’s back, shorter tree points for maximum shoulder relief, wide panels for optimal weight distribution and a wide gullet for spinal clearance and freedom of movement.

Currently can take up to 4 months for customisation / delivery.

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Sommer Esprit Dressage

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